Sending disappearing messages in Ninja Mode

19 July 2019

There are moments that we simply need to talk off the record. In vocal communication you can easily provide notice to the engaged participant that you want to “speak off the record”. But what about in written form? You can say “Hey off the record…” but what guarantee is it that your conversation is really “off the record”. What about when it comes to sharing sensitive information such as a Credit Card Number? You can’t say, “Hey off the record, here is my credit card number”. You would just sound Stupid. Taking these examples along with 2 billion other, we sought inspiration from “The Ninja”. How would a Ninja want to communicate with other fellow Ninjas? Which is why we created Ninja Mode.

Ninja Mode is a secure thread that opens up when enabled. Your entire conversation is now secured. No one can intercept it, no one can know who and what you are talking about (Unless they are standing behind you or your phone has some privacy virus on it causing background screen recording). You can share all the text, images, video, GIFS and others in a secure channel. When chatting in Ninja Mode, you can’t even take screenshots of the messages nor have some kind of background in-app screen recorder record your messages. Its all blocked.

Once you are done with the conversation, you can simply disable it. Once you do, it will delete that message off of our servers, no trace of it can ever be found anywhere. In your regular message thread you will see black redacted lines indicating that you had gone into Ninja Mode. This patent pending feature of ours is what will contribute to our overall mission that is designed around privacy. We highly recommend that you download the app and give it a test drive.

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