Why Social?
(Picture: Karsten Winegeart)

Perfect for Everyone

Everyone has a unique talent or knowledge— you just thought you couldn’t get money for sharing it with others. Well, think again!

Influencing at the next level!

Perhaps you’re an influencer looking to connect with your fans on a more personal level?
Charge your brands & sponsors a "premium" for personal access!

Monetize your Knowledge and Skill

Maybe you’re an econ whiz looking to share your latest investment tips?

It's All About You!

Are you a makeup artist looking to showcase your new contouring trick?

Charge a Premium or Become Exclusive!

Sponsors & Partners don't really much care of how many followers or Likes you have. But more of what are those "engagement" metrics? Charge them a premium for access to your exclusive group.
Picture by Nikita Vantorin.

The Ultimate Side Hustle

If you’ve been scouring the internet looking for your next #sidehustle, look no more! Monetized groups are the perfect way to generate a consistent, monthly revenue stream. Imagine getting paid to do what you do best and share it with others— that’s the new way to be Social!
Taken by Felicia Buitenwerf

Group is controlled by you

Group chats that are completely in your control. Easily assign up to 4 admins to help moderate and manage your group!

Your Groups, Your Way:

You are the leader of your domain! Whether you are an established influencer, trying to offer exclusive access to your brand;, or a brand, that wants to create an exclusive community where dedicated shoppers subscribe to a early product drop or pre-market feedback- set the terms of your group here on Social.

You Set your Rate!

The monthly fee amount is completely at your discretion— you can change it at any time.

Business and Personal All On One Platform

You don’t need to download a separate app to access these monetized groups. Your individual chats and group chats all exist on the same platform. Conveniently switch from your personal convos to your entrepreneurial ventures.

Access to Multi-Media Accessories!

Get the best ways to express yourself in your messages. Add interactive animations to music to your messages. The best is only when shared with people who you care about!

Privacy is Key!

Completely secure, completely private. Using 256 Military End to End Encryption in all groups and Individual messages! Privacy for everyone! Social is not in the Advertisement business. We we DO NOT need to collect any personal information!

Express yourself with Creativity!

Allow your creativity to run wild with Social’s in-app video maker

Create Short Form or infinite long video!

Add Music to your Group Content, powered by Napster®

Import your WhatsApp Messages!

Easily import your WhatsApp Messages and Social will automatically send SMS/text messages to all participants letting them know that the conversation has moved over! Don't leave your chat history behind!