Joining a Sanctuary (Community)

19 July 2019

Communities is the bedrock of Social Interaction. Keeping that in mind, we are happy to announce that we have officially built our system to support communities. Communities will range from school alumni programs, niche special interests, unions, etc… Social will have curated communities that will be created by The Social App and maintained by its community members.

The Social App will have Communities and Sanctuary’s. Communities will be groups designed for non-profits, unions, and community organizations. Whereas Sanctuary’s are designed for restricted special interest groups. Restrictions can range from proof of membership to anything dictated by the community creator. For more information on creating a group. Check out the article on How to Create a Community or Sanctuary. Some Sanctuary’s and Communities may have a monthly or quarterly fee in order to join.

Joining a Community and/or a Sanctuary will help your diversify your private network. Help you engage and also network with individuals who share similar likes and values as you do. The Social App is designed to help you build a private network. A private network comes from the bedrock of privacy.

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