Who creates the Communities?

18 September 2019

When social media had started back in the 90s. Everyone was at first scared about opening up regarding their private lives on this new thing called "the internet". Since then we have come a long way and social media has helped transform the world we live in today. Social media has helped overthrow country dictators to giving voices to the people. However, social media has also hurt society as well such as causing anxiety, depression and many other lists of things. But what concerns users today is about privacy.

Many of the free online social media platforms offer a traditional service in which the user does not pay any sort of "membership" fee or "admission" to use their platform. But in return, they collect different data points to help their advertisers target different ads. Certain platforms have also gone to the extent to track and collect behavioral data of their users even when they are "off" of their platforms. This has caused that once excitement that everyone had about social media, to stop and reevaluate their affiliations to certain platforms. According to Eddison research, Facebook lost an estimated 15 million users and counting. However, a lot of these users who are leaving various platforms have to at moments make a tough decision to whether will they stay on social media and connect with friends, family, groups/interest pages, etc... or will they cut cold turkey and whoever wants to stay in touch with them will follow suit.

What users are asking for is a "Private Network". Some users are transitioning to Blockchain and different messaging apps. But what if the next revolution is not about social media but simply becoming private?

Our mission is to allow users to create their own private network. At the current state, a network will consist of the users personal messaging and communities they are subscribed too. Personal message/group threads and conversations (after being clicked on) in communities will have a "follow" button. If the user decides to follow a personal/group message or any particular conversation, it will appear in their "Socialverse". This gives our users more power to control what they want to interact with, instead of some fancy algotherm. Everything done in one's private network will be exclusive them and their needs. As the platform further develops, it will host many other options which will allow the users to dictate what they want to see.

The Social App was created taking that in mind. Our mission is to empower the users, attempt to provide the best in class privacy and lastly, ensure there is a platform where real friends, family, and communities stay in touch. The app is free but also does not partake in demo-targeted advertising or data mining. Instead, we offer premium [patent-pending] privacy options to the users to carry out their communications and also a fun way to express themselves. We may at moments such as having sponsored channels in our communities or sponsored sticker packs, etc... But nothing that will harm the users "identity". We understand this a saturated market but nothing the less, it is an industry that is due for a revolution.