Rolling in Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to save Thumbs

19 July 2019

When using a messaging application, we are always typing. But sometimes those trusty thumbs of ours deserves some rest. The Social App set-out to help solve that issue.

“Donna are you completing my sentences?”

When using the Social App core messaging application, the app will read the context of the conversation and help formulate auto replies. If the reply fits, simply just tap and go. As you use the app more frequently, the A.I engine will only get smarter and assist with more accurate responses. Sticking true to our belief and mantra, all information that is processed by the A.I engine lives locally on the users phone. The context and conversations nor even meta data never leaves the phone. This allows the users to have full power and save a characters along the way.  Didn’t you wish that cats also had the same technology when writing a message?


As time goes on, the Social App will only further strengthen the A.I engine to help compute more accurate responses. Our mission here at the Social App is to become your partner also your private confidant. As we roll out news features, we want to be extremely mindful with the fact that we keep privacy in tact. As that is the core of our platform and belief.

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