the future of messaging as it should be

A chat app for friends and family that doesn't intrude but empowers you to share securely, manage groups, monetize your efforts or import your history from WhatsApp. Long are the days when you have to sacrifice a part of yourself for basic features

It's so clean, simple, yet so powerful!

A Messaging App that Makes Money!

allowing influencers, organizations and individuals to create subscription-based group chats that makes money! We’ve reimagined the way chat-based content is delivered and received. Social is not just another messaging app for your growing business - it is a business!

Monetized Group Creation Mechanism only Available on Android. iOS Users Sign up here

Ninja Mode for the extra privacy!

Enable Ninja mode in both 1:1 chats and Group Chats! For Android uses it will Block Screenshots and for iOS it will notify users when a screenshot is taken! Say goodbye to the days when you forget the context of your last message.

Refreshed Message Reactions

👍 & 👎 are so 2000. Message reactions that are more relevant to today's time!

NO ADS. Fully Secure. Day 1

No Ads, Fully Secure, 100% Free, No Secret Terms and Conditions. All messages are super secured with 256-bit encryption. Unmatched privacy is protected by not just commonsense but also by the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Secure your WhatsApp Chats!

With Social, you can import your chats from WhatsApp history directly into Social. You can simply select your friends who will then be sent a one-time SMS message notifying them that their chats have been imported and secured on Social. Works on both individual and group chats.

Selective Blocking with Tombstone!

There is always that "one" person who is annoying in group chat. Now you can mute that one person by tombstoning them! This Will allow you to Enjoy the group chat without getting annoyed.


Stuck on something? our support team. Get to know our team personally as you can reach out to them using a video, voice, or text note.